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Let's Get Started » is the first ever, office-based, online, income tax filing service

This app was launched at the University of Toronto on March 21, 2018

Welcome to TaxMeNotCanada

Sign up and get to know our company’s background first. We take the opportunity to provide a better solution for your unique needs with respect and trust. You will be amazed by the results of our professional services. We Take the Fear out of Accounting, Auditing and Income tax

We are Canadian Tax Accounting Professionals

The changes in your life, not only your income, impact your tax situation

Get your tax and tax planning done by an accountant.

How it works: Half Technology - Half Human


Gather your tax slips and store them on your device
Create an account and update 'My Profile'


Select your tax slips with the help of our tax return wizard and submit to our Accountants


Our Accountants will prepare and e-file your return to the CRA


The CRA will deposit your refund and credits to your bank account*

* If a refund is calculated


A million thanks to Students

The TaxMeNotCanada online tax filing service has been created at the request of many students.

For this reason, we offer an "Online Tax-Clinic for Students" at a special rate.


Life at TaxMeNotCanada

TaxMeNotCanada is specially designed for students and young adults.

You have a lot of things to focus on in the technological world.

Income tax preparation is not as easy as you think.

As a student, you can focus on your studies.

You waste no time - after uploading your tax slips a TaxMeNotCanada accountant will prepare your tax return and E-file it to the CRA.

Have you turned 18?

You are required to file income tax return once you have turned the age of 18, even if you do not have any income.

Did you know that, by filing your tax return, you may be entitled to receive federal, provincial, and working income tax credits and benefits? It is a lot of money!

Why do Canadians trust TaxMeNotCanada?

We recognize that everything between a client and our tax accountants is personal and confidential, and there is a mutual trust.

TaxMeNotCanada knows that the most important aspect of tax preparation is the trust - and has since 1991.


The main difference with TaxMeNotCanada is that your taxes are “Done by Hand”.

This means that you simply have to upload and submit your tax slips.

Our Real Canadian Tax Accountants, who are behind the App, will prepare and E-file your tax return to the CRA upon your approval.


With Standard online “Do it yourself” apps you prepare your tax return with your own tax knowledge.

You’ll waste more time reading and trying to understand the entire tax return line by line.

Have you tried it?

We make it simple.

Hello tax-filers! Feeling a little unsure about our office-based Online Income Tax Filing Centre? Regardless of your unfamiliarity with accounting online, you can rest assured, knowing you are in the capable hands of tax accountants from and located in Toronto, Ontario.

Our service will ensure that tax-filers will receive the highest possible refund and credits under the Income Tax Act, which is rightfully theirs.

As this is the new way of filing income tax returns in this technological world, we will do our best to ensure everything is done smoothly and efficiently.

With all sincerity,
Peter Justin, CEO, TaxMeNotCanada
Chartered Professional Accountant

The long, remarkable journey with our clients.

The TaxMeNotCanada app is very quick and easy to use. I uploaded my documents through the app and I quickly received a response from an accountant who helped me file my taxes. The app's interface was easy to follow and takes very little time to complete the entire process! The instructional video available to clear any doubts is an added bonus. I had an amazing experience with this app and I will highly recommend it to anyone who needs to file their taxes!
Ashley E.
Very simple and easy way to get your taxes filed. Takes almost no time. Will use it again next year.
Seyon V.
I don’t want to give my information over an app to unknown. First, I uploaded a fake information and waited, an accountant contacted me, I googled and found out he is from Toronto, I learned more about the company and after a week, I send my real info and tax slips. he completed my tax return. The app is cool, no complains.
Banu K.

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I searched for an app to file my income tax. i found an app, the word "Half Technology half Human" make me curious to sing in the app. I just follow the instruction on the app and upload my slips. It was amazing, my tax return was prepared and e-filed by the tax accountant.
Ashvinni A.
The app is very professionally designed and easy to navigate. Great idea to have an app for income tax filing purpose which is unprecedent. Filed tax return with the help of this app without any hassles. Pleasure. Suggest to have multiple document upload tab under one head. S J Diary I came to know about this app through one of my friend. I took a photo of my tax slips and uploaded, very easy to follow. my tax return was completed by an accountant. and able to communicate with him and he e-filed to CRA with my consent. I had an amazing experience with this app and will highly recommend to my friends!
Rameshkumar K.
In March 2018, I noticed an App release program was going on at the university of Toronto canteen. they were talking about an income tax app and it works as Half Technology Half Human. I was curious to know it. I signed in and completed my tax return, I paid only $5.00 with a promotional coupon. It was amazing. I will continue my tax filing with the app.
Sara P. A.
I am late to file my 2017 income tax. I googled and found a place called Income Tax Filing Centre. I thought it is an office. But it is an weird app, I tried to file my tax. I took a picture of my tax slips and submitted. my tax return is filed. done, see you next year.
Saila S.
I have to file my tax return, middle of April, I got a coupon from student center cafeteria, University of Toronto. I started in confusion. I signed in to the app, I uploaded my tax slips. an accountant from Toronto corresponded via this App, completed and e-filed my tax return to the CRA. I never heard of an app similar like this.