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Important Information and Documents that useful for your tax filing

It is difficult for everyone to understand Canada's Tax Act. A tax accountant’s advice is needed.

How We Work

One of our tax accounting professionals will go through the file you submitted and verify your submitted info with your tax situation. If there is any info missing or if we need more info, we’ll contact you to provide us.

By understanding your unique needs, we work to provide proper and effective solutions with respect and trust.

We will apply all tax techniques to maximize your refund & credits.

  • Apply tax-planning to focus on your current and near-future needs.
  • Provide you our best options or alternatives based on your unique situation.

With your approval we will start working on your file.

We charge our service fee as agreed

Tax planning, business and related advice or explanations will be provided whenever you need it.

Keep our working papers, in case your file is randomly selected by the CRA for an audit.

Filing Tax Returns

We’ll email you your tax return summary.

When you reply, if there are no any changes, we’ll finalize your tax return.

We will email you the authorization form [T-183] to sign and return to us.

With your signature on the authorization form, we E-file your return to the CRA.

We forward you the confirmation provided by the CRA, along with a copy of your tax return.

The CRA will deposit your refund and credits to your bank account.

If your tax return resulting in you owing money, we will email you a direction to pay online or at a bank

Complex Tax Filing & Audit by the CRA

You may be required to visit our office

  • For a complicated tax filing needing too many details
  • Such situations are Corporation Income Tax, Personal Income Tax with self-employment accounting, GST/HST filing, Payroll, WSIB, Tax planning and Business registration.
  • Special audit by the CRA

File in our office

All clients are most welcome to visit our office to get services from our Tax Advisors and or Accountants.

Smart Steps

Success: Well-organized accounting record-keeping is the key to understand your business and foresee its success.

Tax Accounting: Applying accounting methods that focus on taxes rather than Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to reduce Income Tax under the rules and provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Tax Planning: Analyze your current and near-future financial situation and prepare your tax return to achieve your goals. Select the proper type of business structure to pay less Income Tax.

Starting a company: Selecting the proper type of business structure for your business is the first part of tax and business planning.

A good business generates income for generations!

As little as $1,000.00 a month is good additional money!

There is endless revenue once the business runs on a properly planned path.

It is an endless challenge too. A good accountant’s guidance is necessary!

My Profile

Every time you login, make sure you update the “My Profile” section. If there are any changes in your life, such as marital status, children, dependent parents, disabilities etc., make sure you input that information and make the necessary changes. Once you have finished, check the box confirming that the information is up to date and accurate. We will update the new information you provide with the CRA data, only at the time of e-filing your tax return.

Address change

We can update the address change with the CRA data only at the time of e-filing your tax return.

If you move to a new address after your tax return is e-filed to CRA, you will have to inform the CRA. Print the following RC325 form, fill it out, and mail it to the address given on the form.

Otherwise, you will have to wait till the next tax season, during which we’ll update your address change and other information.

Notice of Assessment: (NOA) (keep this document safe)

Notice of Assessment is an annual statement sent by the CRA to your address within a few weeks, after your income tax return is submitted. This shows the details of the income tax return filed. NOA shows amounts of total income, net income, tax refund or tax owing amount, and GST/HST credits, Ontario trillium benefits, child tax benefits, senior property tax grants, etc.

The NOA also shows the unused and carry forwarded amounts of your tuition fees, and Lifelong learning plan amount, and RRSP. As well the allowable RRSP contribution Limit, Home buyer’s repayment amount, deferred capital losses, etc...

Direct Deposit Request (T1-DD)

Direct deposit is mandatory document by the CRA.

Without this form, the CRA will not deposit refund and credits to your bank. You can get a Direct Deposit Printout from your bank and submit to us. We will update the information with the CRA data.

Information Return for Electronic Filing (T-183) form:

Our Accountant will email you this T183 from at the time of preparing our tax return. You must print, sign and return it to us via upload wizard.

Without this form, our Accountants will not E-file your return to the CRA.

Tax Owing

If your tax return results in you owing money, you can pay at a bank. You only need your SIN and the amount. Or sign in to your financial institution's online individual banking service, under “Payee Account Number” field “Enter your Social Insurance Number, under “add/edit payee,” look for an option such as CRA (revenue)- current year-tax return or CRA (revenue)- tax amount owing. Click “Next” to pay.

Your written notes and templates (in Word, Excel and or in PDF format)

Apart from your tax slips and documents, you can submit a written note and templates to explain your tax situation to our Accountants. By doing this our Accountants can understand your unique needs and prepare your tax return accordingly.

After your return is E-filed to the CRA!

If any of the following situation has occurred, contact us via the CRA Audit screen and follow the steps. Our Accountants will work with the CRA auditors on your behalf until it is resolved

  1. Need to amend your return?
  2. Having any discrepancies? such as the refund (payable) amount you received from the CRA different from the amount our Accountant reported to you?
  3. If your tax file randomly selected by CRA for a review or an audit?

Forms and schedules from the CRA Taxation

T2200 - Declaration of condition of Employment: Click on:

Get your employer’s certification and signature, and submit when filing your taxes

T2201 - Disability tax credit certificate: Click on:

Print this from, get your doctor’s certification and signature. Mail the certified form to the CRA.

Mail it to: Canada Revenue Agency T/C, 1050 Notre-Dame Ave, Sudbury, ON P3A 5C2

T1-M - Moving expenses: If you moved and established a new home for education or employment, and moved distance over 40 KM, complete the worksheet and upload to us.

Are you self-employed? a proprietorship or a partnership or a corporation?

You work as an employee and or you operate a business as well. In this situation and with your tax slips, you can submit income and expenses worksheet, and any documents that may help our Accountant to understand your business activity.

Templates from TaxMeNotCanada

If any of the templates listed below, is required for your tax filing, download and store them in your PC.

Fill out the template with the information you have and submit.