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Please contact our support team if you have any questions or any delay in processing your work. They will resolve the issues within a short period of time. You will receive timely assistance for filing returns to the CRA.

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TaxMeNotCanada is owned and operated by Income Tax Filing Centre Inc. TaxMeNotCanada works with accounting professionals from Public Business Accounting Services Inc.

Tel: (416) 321-3100, Fax: (416) 321-8400

11-1415 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON, M1P 2L6

Our Company

Toronto based accountants, Peter Justin and his team, have been providing Tax, Accounting, Auditing and Tax planning service since 1991.

Founder and Administrator: Peter Justin B.Comm., CPA, CGA

Our Mission is to ensure that our clients gain confidence and enrich their standard of living through our guidance on tax, business and investment related matters

Since 1991 we have been providing proper and effective solutions by understanding our clients’ unique needs with respect and trust.

Our motto is to take the fear out of Accounting, Auditing and Income Tax

Peter Justin’s Administration: Notes from a former employee

The founder, Justin Peter, is a distinguished person. His practice relies on his sagacious foresight, education, plentiful experiences, and knowledge.

His working style is unique; he possesses the ability to identify his clients’ issues, analyze the problems to avoid adverse outcome from possible links, and utilize the problem-solving approach which has brought the company to its current successful stage.

Mr. Justin manages the office in such a way as to ensure that office procedures are followed and to uphold accounting standards and policies.

Furthermore, he monitors the staff to make sure that the clients are advised properly to suit their specific needs, and to ensure that accounting and tax preparation are being completed in accordance with the tax laws and regulations.

Peter Justin

Peter Justin, Chartered professional Accountant
Founder and Administrator –

Enjoy your life happily with your family and friends.