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This is an Income Tax Filing Centre. Our tax accounting professionals provide tax filing services to Canadian residents, Canadians leaving Canada for study or work, and foreign nationals who own or are planning to buy a property or business in Canada.

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Canadian Residents

All Canadian residents, including foreign nationals studying in Canada, are required to start filing personal income tax returns once you turned the age 18, even if you do not have any income

By filing your tax return, you may be entitled to recieve federal, provincial and working tax credits and benefits.

The TaxMeNotCanada online tax filing service has been created at the request of many students.

For this reason, we offer a special fixed rate for students.

The student rate applies to the following:

  • Canadian students studying in Canada
  • Canadian students studying in foreign countries
  • International students studying in Canada

Hello tax-filers! just upload your tax slips and documents info and concentrate on your studies or whatever you’re doing.

Our tax Accountants will prepare and E-file your tax return to the CRA with your approval.

All Canadian residents including foreign nationals studying in Canada, are required to file income tax returns since they turned the age of 18, even if they do not have any income.

By filing your tax return, you may be entitled to receive federal, provincial and working tax credits.

Canadian residents must declare all income earned in Canada and from the world. Income from employment income, social benefits, property rental income, business income, professional practice income, capital gains, stock-trading. etc.,

  • Do you have to continually file income tax return in Canada?
  • Can you continue to own property or business in Canada while living abroad?
  • Can you buy property in Canada while living abroad?
  • If you sell a property in Canada, what are the tax implications?
  • Do you have to pay dual tax?
  • Canadian residents leaving the country must consider if they have real estate property, TFSAs etc., in Canada

  • On a taxable Canadian property, you may have to apply deemed disposition rules and reacquire your capital property at its fair-market value.

  • Special rules may apply if you leave Canada for only a few years to work or study.

  • Some exclusions apply to retirement savings in RRSPs, RRIFs, Bank deposits.

  • Special rules may apply on TFSAs

If you’re a resident of Canada, you must declare rental income (loss) earned from foreign property on your tax return.

If you’re a resident of Canada, you must declare your foreign property, including bank accounts and investments in foreign companies, value exceeds $100,000. You also have to report income earned from these foreign investments on your tax return.


Non-resident of Canada can buy a property in Canada.

A non-resident of Canada or someone who is not a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant of Canada, cannot start a business in Canada. But there is a way, by setting up a partnership or a corporation with one or more Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

The non-resident (a foreign national) vendor cannot sell their taxable Canadian property without obtaining a “Tax Clearance Certificate” from Revenue Canada.

Taxable Canadian properties include real estate, capital interests in certain partnerships, corporation’s shares etc.

A non-resident of Canada, is liable to pay income tax on capital gains from sale of a taxable Canadian property.

If you have established ties in a country that Canada has a tax treaty with and you are considered to be a resident of that country, but you are otherwise a factual resident of Canada, meaning you maintain significant residential ties with Canada, you may be considered "a deemed non-resident of Canada" for tax purposes.

You become "a deemed non-resident of Canada" when your ties with the other country become such that, under the tax treaty that Canada has with the other country, you would be considered a resident of that other country. As a deemed non-resident, the same rules apply to you as a non-resident of Canada.

A non-resident of Canada must get a tax clearance certificate from tax authorities, in order to sell their property or business in Canada.

Tax Audits by CRA

We provide assistance to tax payers or business owners who are being audited or have received a letter for audit from the CRA.

Voluntary disclosures

If you are late in filing your income tax return and or you have filed your income tax returns but they were not accurate, you may be eligible to file a Voluntary Disclosure. If the CRA approved your voluntary disclosure application, The CRA may avoid charging you penalties. You will still have to pay any taxes and or interest owing.

New Housing Rebate

Do you have to pay GST/HST on a new home or condo purchase?

In most cases you do not have to pay, under the "New housing rebate" program.

Visit us before the date of closing transaction, we will advice you the steps to follow avoid paying $24,000.

Business Registration

The idea of starting a business is appealing to a lot of people and can be very rewarding. We can help you plan a successful start to your entrepreneurship journey.

We provide you a full set of documents, including the CRA accounts needed to open Bank Accounts. One of our accountants will assist you to start your business in accordance with the Canada regulations.

Our advice will help you to choose a better business structure for you and your business situation.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Business Corporation [Limited company]
  • Professional corporation
  • Not-for- profit organization
  • Register a charitable organization


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